RbxRocks was down yesterday cuz of my hosting provider

I forgot to activate cloudflare on one of my domains which got my server's IP leaked and ddosed.

my hosting provider was affected by this in the form of network disruption for a couple of hrs and told me we cannot supply you with anymore IPs

this was a problem cuz IPs are essential for me to point the domain rbx dot rocks to the server

so i had to transition to other, more trustworthy and compatible and dependable hosting providers

everything should be good now, and im working on a backup plan incase this happens again

i will be bringing SSL (https symbol) back soon

for now im gonna go out and enjoy my birthday i guess, cya later (sorry for this unprofessional way of stating this update im just in a rush xd)

21st/22nd of July, 2017:

Hello everyone, Baheeg here.

The server reached its maximum peak of 50/50 players in less than 5 mins from announcing this and has overpopulated the entire terrain in which we could barely hold everything together

I am a bit dissapointed because we couldnt discuss actual real matters due to the terrible orientation and quality of the place, and we also planned nothing ahead of us. However, the crowds of people joining were insane and we had others servers fill up too. Lots of people were interested, and lots more will be in the future.

Although the meeting wasnt as we wanted it to be, it was still insanely flooded with cool people and their cool suggestions and notes. We managed to also do some random token giveaways and engage with the people in improvements to the site.

Here are some screenshots:

Regardless of how it went, I wanna thank each and everyone who attended as it was both hilarious and a somewhat useful and productive. We will be holding another meeting soon but this time it will well-oriented and planned out to avoid what happened today. This has been baheeg typing dis stuff and i'll catch ya noobs l8r ;d