Important: RbxRocks Reimagined.

Hey everyone, Baheeg here.
This is going to be a very important announcement regarding rocks to all of its users.

If you use rocks periodically or even usually, please take some of your time to read more about the major update that will happen during the next couple of months.

In the past 14 months that rocks has operated, our website has been updated to improve the interface and site features and make it easier for users to interact with our website. However, I'll admit that Rocks has been a little inconsistent in the past couple of months when it comes to almost all features on rocks.

Therefore, we, the rocks staff, have decided to entirely reconstruct rocks.

RbxRocks will not just be a trading website anymore, instead, we plan to make RbxRocks a general portal to some of the main concepts of ROBLOX which include:

  • - Trading
  • - Games
  • - Clans and groups

In this new update, we plan on revamping everything on the website and on our discord group.

We plan to fully follow the ROBLOX terms of service and restrictions and abide by them and act according to their wanted discretion.

This still means that Rbx.Rocks is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by ROBLOX itself, but rather that we will be going in the path they would want every fan website to follow.

The website, along with all its features will be remade to be as effective, efficient and organized as can be made possible.

We will be using a new, stable and consistent cloud hosting provider that will effectively keep our website online at almost all times.

The discord group will be reconstructed to be better in conjunction with ROBLOX's terms of service and to introduce many new cool features that can allow for a more convenient and safer way of trading and playing on ROBLOX.

The updates are expected to take place within the next 2 months. It may, however, take more time.

I understand, as the sole owner of RbxRocks (Baheeg), that the community has been a little frustrated about certain aspects of RbxRocks, and we will geniunely work to make the website better for the amazing ROBLOX community and help propel ROBLOX's vision to the way of success and innovation.

Thank you.